Our Mission. To train selected young boys for commission into the armed forces through the National Defence Academy.

Aim. To provide focussed and goal oriented training to cadets and equip them with the required intellectual and physical skills and character qualities for joining the National Defence Academy and becoming commissioned officers in the armed forces of the country.

Training will be imparted under the following heads:-

(a) Academics.

(b) Outdoor Training (ODT).

(c) Development of Officer Like Qualities (OLQ).

(e) Preparation for NDA written examination and Services Selection Board.


Most of our emphasis is on academics.

All Cadets will study in the Science stream with the following subjects:-

  • English
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Computer science / Physical education.

A common weakness in cadets from our state is in English language skills. Additional emphasis will be laid to eradicate this weakness.

Tuition classes will be organized by the Institute depending upon the needs of the cadets.

Outdoor Training

The aim of outdoor training will be to ensure that cadets are in good physical condition to undertake the rigours of training at NDA. ODT will encompass the following:-

(a) Physical Training.

(b) Swimming.

(c) Sports

(d) Drill.

(e) Firing.

Physical Training. Cadets will be introduced to PT in a graduated manner so as to minimize the possibility of sustaining injuries / stress fractures. The aim of PT will be to achieve the standards required in the first year of NDA training (second term tests).

Swimming. All cadets will carry out swimming training immediately on joining the Institute and will be trained to swim 50 metres breast stroke.

Sports. Every cadet will be required to excel in at least one troop game (Hockey, Football, Basketball and Volleyball) and one officer game (Squash, Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Riding.) All cadets will be exposed to novices boxing.

Drill. The aim of doing Drill will be to improve individual posture, turnout and smartness of movements.

Firing Training. All cadets will be taught the basics of musketry and firing.

Development of Officer Like Qualities

Motivation and Orientation to Armed Forces. Motivation training is of utmost importance. Cadets will be given exposure to life in the armed forces through a series of lectures, training films, and visits to nearby units / establishments. Basic military history will also be covered with emphasis on the valour displayed by our officers and soldiers. Talks by decorated officers will be organised.

Discipline. Cadets will be expected to follow all orders and instructions meticulously. Punctuality will be ensured for all parades and functions.

Developing Leaders with Integrity. The aim of training will be to develop leaders with Integrity. Cadets will be introduced to various aspects of leadership at junior leader levels and given adequate opportunities to develop these qualities in the routine running of the institute.

Communication Skills. It will be mandatory for all cadets to communicate in English at all times. Emphasis will be laid on extempore speaking and group discussions. Debates and Declamation competitions will also be organized.

Soft Skills. Cadets will be taught table manners; dress code; interaction with seniors and peers; interaction with ladies; importance of punctuality; time management; general awareness; extracurricular activities.

Preparation for NDA Written Exam and SSB

The academic training programme will automatically prepare cadets for the NDA written exam. However additional emphasis will be required for subjects other than in the selected stream of study. Tuition for such subjects will be arranged. English and mathematics, being important subjects from the point of view of the entrance exam will be given special emphasis.

General awareness and current affairs will be stressed throughout the training period so that cadets can score well in these subjects.

Exam techniques and time management in tackling the exam paper will be covered and cadets will be given adequate practice in answering sample papers.

Preparation for the SSB will include the following:-

(a) Group tasks.

(b) Group discussions and lecturettes.

(c) Personality development.

(d) Interview techniques.

(e) Individual and Group obstacles

(f) Psychological tests

(g) Intelligence tests